Florida Bastard

Florida Bastard

This bottle of fine Florida whiskey just begins to tell the story of the incredible distillers across our great state. Like all legendary bastards, this whiskey was born from multiple homes ranging from Amelia Island to Bradenton to points in between. This fine whiskey, the first of its kind, was sourced entirely from eight Florida craft distilleries. It contains a blend of straight bourbon, straight rye whiskey, straight rye finished in maple syrup barrels, and American single malt. The whiskeys range in age from one year with rapid aging technology to conventionally aged seven year.

This first release of Florida Bastard wouldn’t have been possible without whiskey donations from the following members:

Straight Bourbon Whiskey –
St. Augustine Distillery Company

Straight Bourbon Whiskey –
St. Petersburg Distillery Company LLC

Bourbon Whiskey –
Dark Door Distilling

Straight Rye Whiskey finished in Maple Syrup Casks –
Manifest Distilling

Straight Bourbon Whiskey –
Marlin and Barrel

American Malt Whiskey –
Loggerhead Distillery LLC

Straight Rye Whiskey –
Kozuba & Sons Distillery Inc.

Straight Bourbon Whiskey –
Loaded Cannon Distilled Spirits LLC